Angelina Zhang makes police report over exposure of nude photos


17 uncensored nude photos of Angelina Zhang have been circulating widely on the web recently. Known for her busty figure, the Chinese actress has suggestive poses on bed and in shower which reveals her private region in those photos.

The photos were taken before her cosmetic enhancements as her face and figure were significantly different from what she looks now. It is her tattoo on her waist that identifies her as the woman in those erotic photos.

The Chinese actress, who has starred in Category III films, Lan Kwai Fong 2 <喜爱夜蒲2> and Due West: Our Sex Journey <一路向西> has admitted taking the photos.

Responding to the reporters, Angelina said, “That’s right, it’s me. That was taken in 2009 by a renowned Hong Kong photographer friend. I have nothing to hide. These are all artistic photos.”

While some had doubted if the nude photos were a publicity stunt by Angelina, she angrily denied the accusation. Angelina stressed that she had been signed on to many shows and would not risk her clients’ interests.

Angelina suspected that it was her ex-manager, Peter who had leaked out the photos which were handed to him two years ago. Her ex-manager has since dismissed the allegation.

Yesterday, Angelina made the police report under the accompaniment of her husband, Mark Wu. The scandalous incident has also unveiled the marriage of Angelina to the Due West: Our Sex Journey director.


Refusing to comment much about her marriage to Mark, Angelina said, “I did not hide my marriage intentionally. My manager asked me not to reveal and I did not know if this was right or wrong.”

On the other hand, Angelina’s husband said that he had known her past and would support her till the end.

An emotional Angelina spoke about the exposure of her nude photos. “The person who released the photos is a beast and should be punished. That’s why, we decided to seek help from the police.”

Asked if she had suspected if it was a malicious act by her ex-manager, Angelina said, ”I did not name the person, but I believe the police will be able to seek justice for me.”

Meanwhile, her former manager Peter has sought legal action against her for defamation and asked for a compensation sum of HK$500,000.

Angelina responded, “I have handed the matter to my lawyers. Time will tell who is good or bad.”

Asked if she was afraid that more nude photos would be uploaded, Angelina said, “I am not worried. I am open and aboveboard. I want to seek justice for myself.”

Source: Ettoday, Oriental Daily 

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