Is Aimee Chan pregnant?


Aimee Chan’s sudden decline of a role in upcoming drama Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon <寒山潛龍> has sparked speculations that the 32-year-old actress might be pregnant.

Aimee has received the script for the Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon in early May, but suddenly quit from the drama a week later. Besides stating an emergency return to Canada to handle her personal matters, Aimee reportedly also cited that her health might not be able to manage the fighting scenes in the drama.

At yesterday’s (19 May) promotional event for Slow Boat Home <情越海岸線>, Aimee again cited health issue to excuse herself from the event.

Sources said that while filming Outbound Love <單戀雙城> in Malaysia, Aimee would get tired very easily. She would seldom join the crew members for supper. She also complained about feeling sleepy frequently.

An insider said, “Aimee immediately went for a checkup after returning to Hong Kong. When she knew she had ‘hit the jackpot’, she did not know what to do although she was happy. As Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon is a wuxia drama, she might as well quit from the drama. Next month, Moses Chan will accompany Aimee back to Canada and account to her parents.”

The couple allegedly will register for marriage shortly. Aimee reportedly has taken three weeks of leave and has informed TVB that she might extend her leave till end of the year. It is likely that Aimee will stay at Canada during her pregnancy.


Aimee last seen at the Slow Boat Home promotional event on 8 May.

When asked if he would get married soon, Moses said, “I will not tell you!”

After being grilled further by reporters, Moses relented and said, “I will inform you all if I were to get married, but I also wish to reserve my privacy. I will not share every single step with everyone.”

Moses earlier have said that he would not accompany Aimee back to Canada, as he has some work on hand. However, he changed his statement recently when asked if he would return with Aimee.

“Of course, I will not let you know,” exclaimed the 42-year-old actor.

Since dating, Moses has all along viewed Aimee as his marriage partner. Earlier, he bought a HK$33.68 million villa and prepares to move in with Aimee after they get married.

Source: Oriental Sunday Vol. 806

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